2001 Land Rover Discovery

Project summary – Acquired the vehicle when the friend of a co-worker blew the engine after ignoring a coolant leak. Removed the engine from the vehicle and purchased a used engine. Because the vehicle was originally equipped with secondary air injection and the donor engine was not, cylinder heads had to be swapped, requiring a partial teardown and rebuild. While performing the overhaul, new gaskets, seals, water pump, thermostat and various other wear items were also replaced. Refurbished engine was installed and the truck became a daily driver.

After making the Land Rover road-worthy, the body was wrapped in 3M vinyl for a color change. Matte military green was chosen, giving the Discovery a purposeful, service-ready look. The sagging headliner cloth was removed and replaced, and the driver’s seat was reupholstered using matching seat covers from a junkyard donor vehicle.

Skills employed – General mechanical, electrical, upholstery, vehicle wrapping

Story links- Introduction, Teardown, Overhaul, Headliner Replacement, Evaluation, Vinyl Wrap