Bryan Joslin is an accomplished automotive writer with a background that spans more than two decades.  A professional writer since 2004, Bryan’s casual, matter-of-fact writing style is informed by a combination of automotive industry experience that includes retail sales, service management and aftermarket performance, as well as personal passion as a lifelong automotive hobbyist.

Bryan is a specialist in the area of European cars and motorcyles, with a focus on enthusiast publications. His talents include new car reviews, technical articles, personality profiles, feature car articles, project vehicle series and lifestyle stories.

As a hands-on hobbyist, Bryan has built and restored numerous project vehicles, successfully performing electrical, engine, driveline, upholstery, bodywork and paint repairs. He is also accomplished at the wheel as a competitive autocrosser, high-performance track driver and off-road driver, as well as a licensed and experienced motorcyclist.

Bryan’s work has appeared in magazines including european car, Excellence, Bimmer, and Collectible Automobile, as well as on popular automotive enthusiast websites like Petrolicious, Hagerty, VWvortex, MWerks, MotiveMag, and KilometerMagazine. Bryan currently serves as the Senior Vice President of the Midwest Automotive Media Association, a Chicago-based professional organization for automotive writers.

Past Projects

2001 Land Rover Discovery II

2008 BMW 135i

1991 BMW 318is

1990 Volkswagen GTI

1984 Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet